Salam! I’m Imran, a self-employed Web Developer and Designer from Morocco.

I build web sites and applications using the latest web tools and technologies. My aim is to help people, companies and organizations worldwide reach their goals, grow their businesses, convey their message on the web, and embrace new opportunities.

About My Work

Web & UI Design

I Design beautiful and functional Websites and User Interfaces with a passion for simplicity and usability. I believe that the best design is the simplest one that works effectively with a creative touch to stand out from the crowd.

Front-end Development

I write and architect clean, elegant & efficient front-end code (html, css & javascript) with strong focus on performance, maintainability, and flexibility. I apply best practices and design patterns to build websites that work adequately across different devices and browsers.

Back-end Development

For back-end Development, I specialise in building and maintaining php-based websites using content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal & Wordpress, and MVC frameworks for custom web-based solutions.

How I do it

01. Analyse & Plan

The first step in building a successful web project is to get as much relevant information as we can so as to identify the purpose, the target audience, and the competitive landscape of the project.

Afterwards, we start the creation of mind mapps and wireframes in order to generate insights and potential solutions for the project as well as to determine the sitemap and the visual layout.

02. Sketch & Design

This phase typically involves sketching and designing pages and interfaces following a lean UX process based on the results of the first phase by using browsers and graphic design tools.

The deliverables in this phase are organized graphic documents. The package includes the selected typefaces and color paletts that are meant to generate the visual representation of the project.

03. Code & Develop

Depending on graphic documents, it's time to write modular front-end code, test it in different browsers and devices to maximize its functionality and accessibility, and validate it to web standards.

if the back-end is included, the next step is the practical implementation of the chosen technologies. This phase involves programming, testing and implementing the dynamic functionalities of the project.

04. Iterate & Deliver

We iterate and refine until the result satisfies all the requirements and adheres to all of the constraints, using agile development methods and techniques.

When the client is satisfied with the results, the project moves to its permanent home and gets prepared for public users before a final check to the project's functionalities in its production environment.